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Heart & Soles Running Virtual Running Events


About Heart & Soles Running

Heart & Soles Running organises and hosts Virtual Running Events throughout the year.

Virtual Events are created to give you the flexibility of running or walking at a time, place & pace that suits you. 

Each event has its own challenge & exclusive custom medal.

Finish the distance, simply upload your kms completed & the medal is yours!!

20% of profits from each event is donated to various Australian Charities.

Merchandise available. 

Join today for a fun run, incorporate it into as part of race training, get out there with friends  or challenge yourself to a new distance!!

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Current Events

Azri’s Brave Run 2019


Azri’s Brave Run in an annual event celebrating Azri who inspired Heart & Soles Running & proudly supporting Heart Kids Australia. 

This is Event will be 21km across the month of January. Why 21km you ask? A babies heartbeat starts beating at 21days post conception. 

Cost: $30


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Your Only Limit is You


January will see Heart & Soles kick off it’s yearly kilometre challenge. This year the choice is yours to how many kms you can walk or run over the entire 2019 year. 

This beautiful medal is our shoe logo with a magnetic heart you can earn at the end of the year. There is a choice of 4 distances. When you have completed your chosen distance, you will receive a beautiful magnetic heart piece to add to your medal. 

Proudly supporting Ronald Mc Donald House. 

Cost: $40



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Events coming up!!



Find a parkrun for 5

Run or walk parkrun in February to earn this amazing pop art inspired medal. This medal is the first piece of four you can earn in 2019!!

Cost: $30

Email your parkrun verification to & stalk the Postie. 

Proudly supporting Careflight Australia 

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Make it 10km for the weekend 

Featuring our second medal of the four piece set. 

Run or walk 10km across any weekend in March (consecutive Sat/Sun)

Cost: $30

Send your km verification to

Proudly Supporting RSPCA

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