Heart & Soles Running Ambassadors


  • Name: Tara
  • Nickname: BossLady
  • Location: Sydney
  • Favourite HaS Medal: Your Only Limit is You 
  • Favourite Event: UTA
  • Favourite Distance: 10km
  • Why you started running: To fight anxiety & depression
  • What being a HaS Ambassador means for me: Encouraging others to challenge themselves, get outside, stay motivated & raise awareness of various charities 
  • Best running quote: She Believed She Could So She Did

Meet Wendy


  • Name: Wendy 
  • Nickname: Jumpshot Queen
  • Location: Queensland 
  • Favourite HaS Medal: Azri’s Brave Run 
  • Favourite Event: Up the Buff 🤪
  • Favourite Distance: 15km 
  • Why you started running: life circumstance & it takes me on awesome adventures 
  • What being a HaS Ambassador means for me: I get to help others & do what I love
  • Best running quote: I can, I will, watch me!

Meet Sandra


  • Name: Sandra
  • Nickname: Airrunner
  • Location: Jimboomba, QLD
  • Favourite HaS Medal: Jayden and Tahlia’s wish (my little girls love it too as they came to the location event dressed as Disney princesses)
  • Favourite Event: Twilight St Lucia (with my HaS team!!)
  • Favourite Distance: 21.1
  • Why you started running: to support a friend.... once as I’m not a runner 😂
  • What being a HaS Ambassador means for me: My positive energy and love for this sport is authentic. I see that in the other members of our crew, I adore that we can not only raise funds but also advocate and spread awareness for worthy causes. Inclusion is a huge part of my lifestyle and HaS embraces everyone!!!
  • Best running quote: Run like your kids are looking for you!!!

Meet Leana


  • Name: Leana
  • Nickname: SistaAct
  • Location: ACT
  • Favourite HaS Medal: Easter Hop (a run and no guilt eating chocolate afterwards)
  • Favourite Event: Cadbury Half (I enjoyed the course and there was chocolate afterwards, are you noticing a theme 😂)
  • Favourite Distance: 10kms+ I enjoy getting into the zone and a rhythm
  • Why you started running: I started running in 2013 when I signed up for Tough Mudder to build my fitness. I enjoyed it and have continued since
  • What being a HaS Ambassador means for me: It means I can support, encourage and raise awareness about charities
  • Best running quote: The voice in your head that says that you can't do this - is a liar

Meet Melissa


  • Name: Mel
  • Nickname: The Running Mel
  • Location: Orange NSW
  • Favourite HaS Medal: The 1000km Challenge 2018
  • Favourite Event: UTA
  • Favourite Distance: 10km
  • Why you started running: I entered a mud run & needed to jog between obstacles
  • What being a HaS Ambassador means for me: Love being part of the group & promoting amazing events for great causes
  • Best running quote: Nothing lasts forever

Meet Melanie


  • Name: Mel
  • Nickname: NewMel
  • Location: Newcastle NSW
  • Favourite HaS Medal: Chase your Dreams
  • Favourite Event: City to Surf - so much fun
  • Favourite Distance: Marathon - but only because I enjoy the training more than the race!
  • Why you started running: Because I used to walk up to 10km a day & one day I found it too boring
  • What being a HaS Ambassador means for me: I now feel my running has more of a purpose than just for self gratification. I have the opportunity to help raise awareness & hope for others
  • Best running quote: I run for those that can't

Meet Linda


  • Name: Linda
  • Nickname: Truegrit
  • Location: Perth WA
  • Favourite HaS medal: Courage to Run
  • Favourite event: HBF Run for a Reason
  • Favourite distance: I’m starting to really enjoy the half marathon, even though I’ve only done two
  • Why I started running: a friend convinced me to try parkrun and I’ve been hooked ever since
  • What being a HaS Ambassador means to me: It means being a part of something bigger than myself. Being able to share my love of running while hopefully encouraging others to give it a go, and helping some amazing charities along the way. Connecting with likeminded people. 
  • Best running quote: I used to think people who loved running were crazy. I am now officially one of those crazy people.

Meet Krystal


  • Name: Krystal
  • Nickname: Krystal (need to think of one)
  • Location: Clyde, VIC
  • Favourite HaS Medal: Ultra Boost T1D
  • Favourite Event: Mother's Day Classic, yearly tradition for my family
  • Favourite Distance: 10km
  • Why you started running: I was 'never' a runner growing up. I've learnt that anyone can run & it is great for my mind & body. I run to be a role model for my girls & to have quality time with myself.
  • What being a HaS Ambassador means for me: I can share stories whilst inspiring others to create their own. Along with supporting worth causes, raising awareness & being part of a running family.
  • Best running quote: The 1st km is a liar

Meet Lisa


  • Name: Lisa
  • Nickname: #LazyLefty
  • Location: Adelaide
  • Favourite HaS Medal: Ultra Boost
  • Favourite Event: Adelaide Marathon Festival with #BossLady this year!
  • Favourite Distance: Half Marathon 
  • Why you started running: to start looking after myself better, set a good example to my kids & to have some ‘me’ time 
  • What being a HaS Ambassador means for me: supporting & raising awareness for amazing causes, providing new opportunities to connect with & support my wonderful running community
  • Best running quote: The body achieves what the mind believes

Meet Lara


  • Name: Lara
  • Nickname: Larz
  • Location: Someset TAS
  • Favourite HaS Medal: 'What a Week to Smash 15' because it was my first one
    Favourite Event: Ross Running Festival 10km. My 1st ever 10km event & the first event I didn't put pressure on myself to reach a certain time. Plus Ross is a beautifully historic town, so it was a stunning backdrop
  • Favourite Distance: 10km or more at this stage
  • Why you started running: I was never a runner, like, EVER! I started running in September 2018 & loved the euphoria afterwards
  • What being a HaS Ambassador means for me: I consider it an honor to be able to combine what I love whilst being able to raise awareness about the wonderful charities that are supported. If I manage to encourage or inspire others to join me on the journey, then that is a MASSIVE bonus
  • Best running quote: Running is nothing more than a series of arguments between the part of your brain that wants to stop & the part that wants to keep going

Meet Veronika


  • Name: Veronika 
  • Nickname: PrincessWarrior Or Miss Vee 
  • Location: Hobart, Tasmania 
  • Favourite HaS Medal: Chase your dreams ~ Unicorn 
  • Favourite Event: Parkrun or if you need an annual event Run the Bridge 10km Hobart
  • Favourite Distance: 5km 
  • Why you started running: The doctors told my parents I would never walk when I was a week old, then I would most likely never walk again when I had my hip reconstructed when I was 6.  While I was recovering from hip surgery Mum would take me out for walks in my wheelchair and I wanted to go faster! We then started running with my Mum pushing me in my wheelchair
  • What being a HaS Ambassador means for me: Being able to get out and encourage others to be active while raising awareness and funds for great causes across Australia
  • Best running quote: Veronika signing ‘faster’! 
  • Or my Mums:  It takes courage to believe anything is possible

Meet Jayden & Tahlia


  • Name: Jayden and Tahlia
  • Nickname: Heart and Soles Kids (or in Tahlia’s case - crazy kitten)
  • Location: Gold Coast
  • Favourite HaS Medal: Jayden’s wish
  • Favourite Event: 1km Dash UQ Twighlight running festival 
  • Favourite Distance: 1km
  • Why you started running: Because we want to be runners like mummy